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Progression and Cycling

written by grace

Another GTY yoga course has finished and it was amazing tosee the individual progression of everybody throughout the course. One of the simplest aspects, but also one of the hardest in yoga is ‘breathing’.   As the course progressed it was great to see the class grasp the yogic breathing and how to put it into [...]

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Yoga in Denia

written by grace

Namaste to all, Denia 2011 has been and gone and all I want to do is click my heels to go back! Myself, Kerry Doyland (teacher) and Lyn Long (Shambhala manager) arrived in Denia, Spain around 4pm to be greeted by an absolutely beautiful villa.  The gardens were amazing, with an outside terrace overlooking the [...]

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Yoga Retreat

written by grace

Hello to all, The year is racing by us already, but where has the spring weather gone to?!  I have something that may get you ready for the summer and which will give you a bit of “you” time before the summer rush. From the May 13th to the 16th, myself and three other yoga teachers [...]

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written by grace

Happy new year to all!   I hope you had a lovely Christmas and are ready to bring your positive energies into the new year.   Since my last blog in October 2010 a few things have changed in my life. The biggest change of all is that I am now a proud mother. Harry John Segger was born [...]

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written by grace

Good morning yogis,   As the months pass and the weather is now starting to change, I have noticed that more of my clients are having problems with their arthritis.  Before and after class, clients have been asking me if it’s wise to still do yoga or whether yoga is helping or hindering the arthritis.   For this reason I have [...]

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Pregnancy and yoga

written by grace

Hello to all yogi’s, a while has passed since my last blog. I hope that you are all well and enjoying your individual yoga experiences.  In the last couple of months, my yoga experience has slightly changed direction as I am now in my 27th week of pregnancy. I am becoming aware of my body [...]

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Walking on the moon!

written by grace

Namaste, Just over a week has passed since the London Moonwalk 2010 and my body is just about mine again! The atmosphere within the main arena was amazing and it was great to see so many women (and men) in a sea of pink.  The bra designs were excellent and featured anything from flashing lights to florescent hands.  [...]

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No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.

written by grace

Namaste to all, I thought I’d share a poignant proverb with you – “No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.” After the gloomy few months of winter, spring is finally here in all its glory and I think that we are beginning to see our moods changing almost immediately! Another month [...]

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Yoga Tweeting

written by grace

Namaste to all, We are in March already and day by day we seem to be getting busier & busier. Before we know it we are losing ourselves in time, pressure, rush…… I felt very similar last Friday and I made myself sit down for twenty minutes to meditate. It gave me the chance to [...]

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Diet & Fitness Show

written by grace

Namaste to all Last weekend I went up to the Diet & Fitness show at Olympia with my friend Lucy Miller who is the Fitness & Nutrition Editor at Men’s Fitness magazine.   There were many stands and demonstrations that  caught my eye.  One of my first buys was the ‘worlds healthiest tea’, Teapigs. It is ground matcha green tea which [...]

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Posture of the month


The crow is one of the most beneficial of balancing poses that helps to develop the mental tranquillity. It increases the powers of concentration and aids the removal of lethargy. It is advised for people who may work in areas of possible repetitive strain injury as the muscles of the fingers, wrists and forearms are stretched and strengthened. .